Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little Green Things

Do you see them? They're there really :)

Let's do a closeup shall we?

Woohooo! It's finally spring and green things are starting to grow! These are some broccoli seedlings that Gabe and I planted awhile ago, He is so cute, he checks on them every day and even talks to them sometimes too :)
Some other things we planted include pickling cucumbers, tomatoes(Tiny Tim's cherry, Beefsteak and Bonny best, so far) leeks, and basil. On the agenda today, we're going to do some pumpkins and maybe some sunflowers and beans. In the next week or so, I plan to plant some peas, kale and collards and maybe some spinach straight in the garden! I'm excited 'cause I've never tried planting straight in the garden this early before, so it'll be an experiment. 

Are you growing things? Do you or your little ones talk to your plants? 
Have a great spring day!

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