Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Girls' Life...

Since it is finally spring here, I've been going through all the kids clothes and switching from winter to spring/summer and figuring out what I need to pick up for them. I already got rid of one huge garbage bag of clothes to the "Sally-Anne" (or Salvation army, similar to goodwill) and have been doing tons of laundry (not my favorite "chore"!) 

While I've been sorting and packing for our big move, Gabe has been pretty artistic, he and Cady made this "airplane"...

I think Cadence made up the airplane idea and Gabe did the decorating :) He cut all the striped wrapping paper and glued it on as well as other various stickers, stamps and drawings. He even made himself a soft place to park his butt inside with some leftover felt material (you can see that in the picture below). Pretty creative I think :)

As we have a lot of empty boxes waiting to be filled up, the kids seem to think it's their personal mission to transform as many boxes as possible into various stuffy homes and cars and airplanes etc etc. :) 

Our various seedlings are doing pretty good, I think I have to transplant a bunch into bigger pots soon.

Oh, another of Gabe's artistic endeavors was to paint the railings on our deck! Normally I probably wouldn't allow this, but, this is the deck we are tearing down(hopefully this weekend!) and rebuilding.

I had to laugh and then take a picture as he got himself all ready to go outside while I was on the phone with my brother (hi Matt!) and I just love his outfit of tigger PJ's, matching spiderman toque and mitts (hey at least he matches somewhere right, my boy can match his accessories :) a spring jacket and his rubber boots. Love that boy!

These clothes have been hanging out here almost a week :)  I hung them last Sunday, as it was warm and sunny, and was going to take them down on Monday, but I forgot. As I was laying in bed that night I was thinking, " OK, gotta take those down tomorrow morning." Next thing I know I'm waking up to the sound of thunder rumbling and rain pouring down on the roof! and it's been raining off and on since! This morning during a break in the rain I took them down and threw them in the dryer as Nyla came downstairs in the most stained and holey pants and said she had no other clean pants (it's all her clothes hanging out there :)

Well, that's about it for my life lately, adding in the fact that the kids have their first week of soccer this week (first year all three of them are involved and Gabe is so excited!) Life is getting pretty busy this spring as on top of the soccer, Cady is still in gymnastics twice a week with a competition coming up, Nyla has a writing course at the library I signed her up for (she loves reading and writing and already has a couple novels started!)  the girls have swimming lessons with their school and we are moving in two months (and rebuilding a deck before that) whew!

How's life in your neck of the woods? Any major building projects or anyone else moving soon? Anyone else feel a little like a chicken running around with their head cut off? Do tell :)

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