Thursday, April 19, 2012

A {messy} House Tour

Why a messy house tour you may ask? Well, believe it or not, I actually enjoy when bloggers share their not-so-perfect houses, messes and all. The blogging world is so full of perfect looking houses that I like seeing people's houses in real life. Plus, after a long time of trying to keep our place somewhat showing ready (we just recently sold our house!) it's kinda nice to just relax and let the creativity, and some messes, roll.
So,if you are interested in seeing what it looks like around here, messes and all, grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy (and please try not to judge to harshly :) 

This is looking from our front door to the left where the living room is. Lego galore! And notice the picture frames I made (you can read about them HERE ) Yeah, they've been sitting there while I decided where I was going to hang them, and there they will probably stay until we move :) 

I should apologise first that some of the pictures look a bit dark. Since this is a log house, even though we have a ton of big windows, it still seems a lot darker than most houses (plus our house is surrounded by huge tall cedar trees that block a lot of light) 

Oh yeah, that's a disaster :) In the picture below you can see the fireplace and mantel (my husband designed the mantel and built it for me because there wasn't one there when we moved in, and what is a fireplace without a mantel to decorate??) :)

Here's a closer picture of the mantel, it's looking a little boring cause I just threw a few random things up there after I took down the valentine mantel decor. I love my little owl guy, I'd wanted an owl for so long! The other thing I love is the picture on there. I ordered it on Etsy here. I just love it cause it's a family of five, with two girls and a boy (just like us!) dancing in the rain and jumping over puddles :) such a fun springy feeling picture.

Here's a closer look...

This is facing the other end of the room towards what is now the dining room ( I have a habit of moving our furniture a lot so that part of the room has had many incarnations :). To the left, behind the green chair, is my scrapbooking desk,nice and close to everything.

Now, to the right of the front door, we have the family room. Our main floor is quite open, it is basically one big wide open square with the huge rock chimney and staircase in the middle. The only closed off room is the bathroom/laundry room :) This is the room where we do the majority of our living; t.v, computer (where I do my blogging), kids' art table and the wii are all in this room as well as our family scrapbooks and some books.

As you can see in this picture, the family room is open to the kitchen, so it nice for me to keep tabs on t.v shows the kids are watching and computer time. It is also nice for Friday Special Movie Nights where I can finish making pizza and still feel part of everything :)

Here's the view from the kitchen:

Oh boy, now we come to some more messiness! This is our eldest daughters' room. Her room is the brightest bedroom 'cause it's on the south side as well as having two large windows.

She's also lucky 'cause she has this neat rock wall ( which is actually part of the chimney, our chimney goes through the basements to the roof over 30' tall! The whole way up it is this river rock) Behind that hanging quilt on the right is a neat little cubby "secret hiding spot". Her bookshelves are looking pretty empty as we've already started packing!

This is the view from the door...

And this is my youngest two's room.

I just love gallery walls, so awhile back I went a little wild and did one in this room and in the master bedroom too. Some day soon I want to paint the dresser a fun colour :)

This is Cady's side of the room,

and this is Gabe's side :) sorry it's so fuzzy.

They have their own bookshelf that's looking a little empty. I started packing a lot of the decorations on the shelves and a bunch of books  that we probably wouldn't use in the next few months. Last year, this was the girls' room and Gabe had his own, but Nyla (being the eldest) wanted her own room and the other two wanted to share a room with somebody so this switcheroo worked for all of them :)

And next we have the master. Again a gallery wall that I'm currently tweaking :) The door on the left leads to a private deck, perfect for leisurely Sunday morning coffee, sans kids :)

This is my side of the bed with my stacks of books :)

Next is the upstairs bathroom, this is one of the rooms I wanted to renovate, but that won't get done before we move. Luckily our buyers aren't scared away by the mauve toilet, tub and sink and look forward to personalizing it themselves. I guess mauve jetted tubs were pretty classy in the '80s. :)

and the sink side...

Maybe you noticed there was no shower in the bathroom above? That's because in this house, it gets its own room! The shower room is tiny, but here's a picture to get an idea,

And now for some outdoor "rooms". This deck is off the french doors in the kitchen (which is notably absent in this post, oops! You can check out some kitchen pics here, before our little reno, and some more updated Christmassy pics here) You can also see some of the ways I've rearranged as I mentioned before :) So, onto the deck, it is pretty big 15'x30', and has a sweet swing and is perfect for barbecuing as, like I say, it's just off the kitchen. In the top right you can see some logs and these form the floor of the deck off the master bedroom.

Like this....

And this...

You can catch a sneak peak of a project I'm currently working on in the background :) This deck is also going to be reno'd in the next few weeks as there are quite a few problems with it.

So, that is most of our house, excluding the basement (maybe on another day) Thank you to anyone who stuck through this very looooong post. I hope you enjoyed it!

Anyone else like to see other people's messy or real life houses? Any big reno's you are planning to do soon? or maybe you're in the middle of one now? Please feel free to ask any questions either in the comments or you can email me @

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