Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Question and a Heads up

      I've been thinking a lot about this here Lil blog and part of me is so excited and happy to see so many wonderful people interested in it!  Another part of me is sitting here wondering what y'all come back to see?
     A few weeks ago, when we went to my grandmas funeral, we got to see a lot of my relatives (hi family!)and I was really surprised and elated to hear that they check my blog out and enjoy it. I mean, that is fantastic! Especially since that was a major reason for me starting my blog four years (four years?!?!) ago. I like adding snippets of our life and bits about the kids and I know that that is probably a lot of the reason my family checks in. But I also know that there are friends who stop by for a gander, some I know and some I don't know, pretty often as well. (I know I was shocked, amazed and thrilled to have so many people stop by for a peek from my link up with Young House Love's Thrift Shop challenge) and that was super exciting to me knowing there are people interested in Lil ol' me and my life in the great white north ;).
     I know I have so many different interests and projects that I want to do and share with you! If I had it my way and didn't have to sleep I could blog all night about every thing I want to share, but I also feel a bit sporadic as well. I guess this post is a bit of a question and a bit of a heads up, as things might change again around here if we find our new "forever" home. This last few months we've been renting a place and my kids are in school so I've been able to do some projects around the house that I haven't been able to focus on in the past. I've always had an interest in home decor and design ( just ask my mom about how often I asked to move the living room furniture around when I was growing up! Or how often I changed the decor in my own room!) But, I don't want to mislead you if that's your main reason for checking out this blog. My biggest passion and focus for the last few years has been learning skills and information on homesteading/farming, so I know, when the stars align and we get our property, that will probably be a lot of what I'll be focusing on here on the blog as well as the house stuff and the family stuff ( hence the homestead life page at the top of the blog!). So, there you go that is the "heads up" portion of this post.
     Now for the question part :) I need your thoughts and opinions so I can figure out what bunch of things to focus on blogging about, for your enjoyment and for mine :) Please feel free to add your input, opinions, questions, etc in the comments section below. What is your favorite things to read about/see on this blog? What would you like to see more of? Less of?
    Thank you so much in advance and I'll be back tomorrow to share my favorite farming/homesteading/gardening books. Have a great day!


Kim said...

It all looks great Sam. I would love to see reviews on the books you read and new recipes you've tried that you would make again for your family. Good luck and have fun with this blog.
PS I love seeing all the pictures of your family and Nelson.

Sam said...

Thanks Kim! This is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for :)You can check out my newest post for some book reviews and local interest stuff

Vanessa said...

Hi Samanth. I share your passion for homesteading and living off the land and for a few years now have trying to figure out how that can work in my life too. Plus I totally identify with lots of stuff you talk about seeing as how we are both moms with younger kids. Close to my heart are: making anything from scratch, particularily those things we think we HAVE to buy (shampoo, foos due, toothpaste, etc), baking and cooking ideas, gardening, canning, preserving, seed saving. I am also interested in your beautiful family and seeing what your day to day life is like.......also interesting crafts or tips for stuff to make with kids or ways to organize the home...hmmm, does that pretty much cover it?? Thanks for the homesteading books link, I LOVE The garden that you are book too! awesome

Vanessa said...

Ha! some typos there, at one point I meant to say "food dyes" not"foos due" I'm tired, how can you tell

Sam said...

Hey Vanessa!
Everytime we talk or write it always makes me wish we lived close to each other! It seems like we have sooo much in common and I'm so happy that you enjoy my blog. the garden you are is awesome!

Vanessa said...

me too:( Maybe one day you and the fam could make it to the island for a visit or we could make it to the koots and all just hang out and camp or something. Not the same, but still would be fun. I have been thinking more about your question and other things that are interesting to me is how to source things out locally, instead of buying stuff at stores. It has taken me awhile to find where to go in our community but I grow what I can and then buy stuff at a few local farms to do preserving (especailly berries and tomatoes). Also, I have recently found a farm here that grows its own grain, and grinds it daily! Plus they hand roll their own oats daily! Freakin awesome! Anyhooo, those are some of the things that make me happy and would love to hear more about your own adventures in this!!! Miss you:)

Sam said...

This is a subject which is very near and dear to my heart (eating and buying local)and I promise I will post soon on how I have done that. A couple years ago I read The Hundred Mile Diet and it really inspired me to figure out how we can do that as well. That's awesome you found a local grain source, I think that's one of the more challenging ones. :) We'll definitely have to plan a camping trip or something together one of these years! Miss you too!


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