Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our New (to us) House

        So, a bunch of you were wondering what our plans were for the winter as we still haven't found a place to buy yet. Well, let me introduce you to our new place for the winter that we will be renting.  :) Since our home for the summer was going to be a little crammed during the long winter months ( five people and a not-so-little dog in a 100 sq ft travel trailer!) and we hadn't found our "perfect" home we quickly realized we needed  to find an abode fast. Luckily we live in a  pretty tight knit community and we had a lot of people with their eyes and ears open, helping us to find a place. And lo and behold we found one. It has been really great so far and it is a really neat house and property. A nice big yard for the kids and dog, a nice big kitchen for mom :) and even a hot tub! It feels like we're living in a vacation home for the winter except with our own things (even our things feel like new cause they've been packed away for 3 months). We are somewhat close to our old place which works out great for several reasons including the fact that the kids get to stay at the same school (well new to Gabe as he's in kindergarten :) and Pat is even closer to his fire hall.
So, I guess you are curious about what this new place looks like? Without further ado, I give you our winter 2012 rental place:

What do you think? Pretty nice eh? I'll be back soon with a tour of the inside of our humble abode :)


Anonymous said...

the new place looks great!

Sam said...

Thank you! We are really happy with it so far. And we're even getting some boxes unpacked :)


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