Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

On Saturday it was my birthday and I had a lovely day, but what I was most thrilled about was learning I was an auntie again to this sweet girl :) Isn't she sweet? I've never met anyone with the same birthday as me (there are a few pretty close though, right Sarah? Auntie Steph?)

Like I said, I had a lovely day. It was pretty relaxing, my dear hubby made me breakfast, my kids were sweet and helpful and then they went to grandmas house while hubby and I went to a dinner and dance. The dinner was fantastic and I got cheesecake for dessert (my favorite!) and then we visited with friends and danced our socks off !

I felt so loved by all the phone calls and facebook birthday wishes I received! Thank you to everyone who called and wrote!
Have a great Monday!

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