Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An egg-cellent weekend!

Happy April everyone! I can't believe it is April already! 

We had some Easter fun over the weekend, we enjoyed colouring some Easter eggs,

We did it a couple different ways, we did our traditional way, which is to dip the eggs in food colouring and colour on some eggs with white wax crayon first and we were also given a kit that you used these little foam dabber thingies and dabbed the colour on. I had wanted to try to colour them using natural dyeing plants and foods etc, but we ended up having a crazy busy day and did the egg stuff at the last minute right before bed so I just used up the last of what we had on hand.

Look at the concentration on these guys!   :)

Sunday morning arrived bright and early, so these kids were ready to go searching for treats!
At our house the Easter bunny likes to leave little clues in the kids' baskets to go on a little treasure hunt. This is the first year Gabe has been able to read the clues (mostly) on his own so he was pretty excited about that.

 Chocolate bunny! Yummy!!

There was an egg hunt hosted at our local golf course, so we headed over there and checked it out. It was such a gorgeous day out, just glorious!

After all the egg hunting we decided to spend some time out in the beautiful sunshine, so we took the kids down to our local provincial park for some bike riding and play time on the playground. Apparently we weren't the only ones with that brilliant plan because the place was hoppin'!

We had a lovely weekend spent with our family and a bunch of friends. So nice to spend time in the sunshine and no snow! Bring on Spring I say! Hope you all had a good weekend?
Have a wonderful week!

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