Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm Back!

     Hi! So sorry for the impromptu blogging hiatus (are you impressed with my fancy words, I am ;)  Last week and the week before were our kids' spring break and although it wasn't very springy ( it snowed more days than there was sunshine I think :) we took advantage of all the sunshine we could soak up by getting outside and going to a couple parks and we also enjoyed both the sunshine and the snow by heading up to the ski hill for a few days. We also did a lot of house hunting so we were busy busy!
   Onto the pictures! I wanted to share some snapshots of life around here so this post is kind of a big photo dump. Starting with one of the sunny ski days :)

These are both of Pat cause it was hard to keep up with our kids! They are getting so good! They love taking little paths with jumps :) Gorgeous day at a gorgeous place.

A bunch of pics of the kitties because the kitties are pretty loved around here :)
Gabe and his Midnight :)

Sorrel and Pat "hanging out"  :)

Cady and Sorrel having a snuggle...

The cats are growing so fast and boy do they like to get into stuff and climb things! Midnight hopped onto the counter and then the microwave where I caught him, this is his "oh crap, she caught me"  face :)

Did you know Pat is allergic to cats? So, who do you think the cats favorite person to cuddle with?  ;)

Gabe receiving his yellow stripes at Tae Kwon Do a couple weeks ago. Cady also advanced to her yellow belt, but I wasn't there the day it was presented to her, so no pictures :(

Cady and Gabe enjoying the white stuff :)

And Cady again, but with Stella this time :)
Hope you enjoyed the pics!
Have a great week!


Audra said...

My husband is also allergic to cats and our long hair loves to snuggle with him and shed all over him. I just found your blog via life in grace. I will be back often.

Sam said...

Thanks for stopping by! Funny how animals always seem to know who is allergic and then they want to be as close as possible.


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