Monday, April 15, 2013

A Visit to Vancouver

Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 32! Ack! It's crazy how fast time flies by isn't it? I had a lovely day spent relaxing with my family as the previous few days were busy busy. My sister, my mom and I went to Vancouver (B.C.) for a couple of days as my sister had to have a surgery done there (she's doing great!). And though the reason we were there wasn't so great, we had a great time doing some touristy stuff despite that reason. We had to stay right downtown Vancouver for a night and two days and the first day we were there it was gorgeous! We decided to go down to Granville Island to see the sights (and get some dinner!) Here's my sister Kim at the market enjoying her gelato :) We had dinner in the Public Market and I can't even describe how amazing the food is, in fact just click on the link above and it'll take you to their website which explains it all way better than I ever could.

And here's me and my sis hangin' out :)

After dinner we went outside and took in the sights and enjoyed the (somewhat) fresh air :) This is the Granville street bridge which the island and market are underneath and the colourful little boat is an aqua bus :)

Here's a map which shows all the neat stuff down on Granville island.

Only part of downtown Vancouver seen above and here's my sister, my mom and myself posing in front of False Creek and the Burrard street bridge.

After we finished at Granville island we decided to go for a drive through Kitsilano, along the Spanish banks and Jericho beach, which the following two pictures portray only a tiny bit of the beauty found there.
Beautiful day!

Jericho Beach (I think ;)

We ended up driving all around the UBC ( University of British Columbia) campus and being amazed at how  huge and how beautiful it was. ( I hope at least one of my kids goes there, just so I can go visit them!)
Like I mentioned, we had a great time and had fun just barely scratching the surface of all the amazing fun and interesting things there are to do around Vancouver ( I did a ton of them when I was a kid as we visited quite often!) and now I want to bring our kids there to explore them all!
     If you are interested in more information of all Vancouver has to offer you can check out the Tourism Vancouver website.

P.S. I haven't been paid or perked by anyone to share my opinions about Vancouver here, all opinions stated are purely my own. :)

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