Friday, April 19, 2013

Science Fair Week

Last week at my kiddo's school it was science fair week and since Nyla did a lovely project I wanted to share it with you :)  I love science fairs myself, I love seeing what those wonderful young minds come up with! Nyla's project this year as you can see below, was called "Will candy make a difference?" What she did was plant some bean seeds in six different pots and to each of the pots (except one) she added a different type of candy to see if there was any visual difference in height for each bean seed grown (IE if the candy helps or hinders growth). She got the rough idea from our reading of The Magician's Nephew (part of Chronicles of Narnia) where anything dropped on the new earth would grow into said thing (ie a metal part of a lamppost would grow into a new lamppost :) Make sense? not really I know ;) That's OK  What I mean to say is that she originally wanted to try and grow a candy tree from candy "seeds" but one of her teachers suggested tweaking it.
She did really well :)

And here are a few of the other kids projects :)

You have to have the ubiquitous solar system or volcano project :)

There were lots of really great projects :) Do you like science fairs? Did you enjoy them as a kid? Share in the comments :)
Have a great weekend! 

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