Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Last weekend

Well, yesterday I said I would tell about our weekend and I didn't get back to it, oops! Anyways, here's a rundown on what we did, Saturday morning Nyla had her first soccer game and it was a GORGEOUS day, beautiful and sunny and warm. She did very well and even had a turn as goalie
Her team won 4-1 and she was pretty ecstatic. So, after the game we went home and had some lunch, then we packed up all the bikes and the bike trailer, the dog, the kids and everything and went to Kokanee park for the afternoon. It was wonderful! Such a nice family day together just the five of us (and Stella of course!) outside doing something fun and active on a beautiful day, so fun in fact that I totally forgot to take any pictures, whoops!
On Sunday we just hung out at home, the weather wasn't the greatest and I felt a cold coming on, amazingly the kids were playing really well and Nyla had a birthday party just down the road. So that's about it really, oh and I finished the second book of the "Twilight" series (563 pages) in about three days, soooo good and I'm dying to read the third! Ciao for now,

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