Friday, December 7, 2012

A little house update

      I love frame walls and I've been dying to create one in our home, but our last house had log walls ( real round logs) so there wasn't really anywhere to do a frame wall. So, when we moved to our new place, and I saw this beautiful big empty wall I immediately thought "frame collage!!"

 There was just one catch, this is a rental that we don't plan on staying in very long. Well, we moved in, got somewhat settled and unpacked but this place just felt way too bare and lacking in hominess. So, my mind went back to that darn bare wall and I remembered seeing or hearing about those command strip thingies ( they didn't really work on the log walls) and I decided to try them out. And  guess what, they worked like a dream! This is the start of my frame collage...

There's a mix of family photos old and new, handmade art from friends and family, art that we enjoy and a few Christmassy things thrown in the mix for good measure :)

Our family photo from last year :)
I believe my mom made this a long time ago...

So far I'm really loving it! There is still some tweaking to do, there are a few holes to be filled up and a few more pictures/artwork I want to add but we (especially the kids!) are really enjoying it so far. 
Stay tuned and next week I'll share a few more tweaks I've been doing 'round here (hint: they might involve paint!)
Have a great weekend!

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