Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas around here...

First off was this little guy making his first appearance on December 1st. He apparently decided the fireplace mantel was a good place to start his observations :)

On Sunday we went out and found our Christmas tree. Behind our backyard is all crown land, a whole mountain of it, so we just hiked up there and found our trees. Yes, I said trees :) this year we decided to have a few, one big family tree and a few mini trees for the bedrooms. Should be interesting....

The kids found a nice little sledding hill to slide down on our way :) We have so little snow right now, I sure hope we have a few good dumps of it before Christmas.

Pat, Cady and Gabe cutting down one of the mini trees :)

Gabe helped daddy cut down the family tree...

And here it is in it's new home. Isn't it nice and straight and pretty? I picked it out :) Trees are so deceiving in the outdoors, they look way smaller outside and then we usually get them inside and they are huge! But after four years here we've got our system down pretty good and this years is a good one (in my humble opinion).

Monday when the girls got home from school we decided to decorate it. Pat has been working tues-saturday so he gets monday off instead and we all had a good time rediscovering all the ornaments. There were lots of exclamations of, " I remember this one! I made this one in grade ....." or " So and so gave us this one!" Our tree doesn't have a theme or colour scheme really, but if I buy ornaments I try and keep it to red or silver. The tree is full of decorations made by the kids, myself, ornaments given to us as kids (some of them are 30 yrs old!) a real mish mash of everything, but I love it. It has such a personal feeling to it. Don't get me wrong, I love the themed and colour coordinated trees I see, but for us, this works.

Sorry this one's so blurry, but I just love the look of concentration on Gabe's face as he tries to hang one of the ornaments.

And here it is in all its decorated glory! Well, actually it looks a lot more sparse in pictures than in real life. hmmm have to try and remedy that.

The stuff under the tree is actually our playmobil nativity set. I was looking around for a good surface to put it on and must have got distracted cause next time I looked, this is where I found it. And you know what? I think it's perfect there :) I love hearing the kids play with it, I hear things like, "hey let's have a birthday party for Jesus and invite some friends over for him!"  Looks like there's an outdoor party going on cause no one's home at the stable :)

And of course Dora's watching all the comings and goings from her "hangout" in the tree :)

How about you? Are things looking a little Christmassy around your place? Do you buy a tree or go out and find your own? Check back later this week and I'll be sharing lots more Christmas fun! On December 15th at the Nesting Place I'm planning to link up for her Christmas home tour 2011 so if you want to see more home decor from around here, that's the time to check it out.

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