Friday, December 30, 2011

My one hundredth post and finally my Chistmas house tour

Hi everyone! Whew, I cannot believe this is my one hundredth post! And just in time for the New Year too :) But, since I don't reveal my resolutions (I think it's bad luck) I figured this would be a good time to wrap up the rest of Christmas stuff (I think) and finally post some pictures of our house at Christmas. I ran around on the 23rd snapping pictures as soon as our showing was done and while the house was still tidy :) So here we go! 


                                             Dining room, kitchen is to the left...

The Santa below is a vintage decoration from Pats grandma and the house on the left opens up and plays "Santa Claus is coming to town" and has a Christmas scene set up inside with moving parts. It's hard to explain, but it is pretty cool to watch. My mom gave it to us a few years ago and it's definitely one of the kids' favorite decorations :)

Just realized how dusty those logs are, yikes, have to get on that!

Christmas cards from family and friends hanging in the window :) So nice to see how much everyone is growing up in the pictures we received.

The picture garland hanging on the banister is one of my favorite parts and the newest addition to our decor this year. I made it after seeing similar ones on both the Clover lane blog and the Sunny Side Up blog. Both of those blogs can give you a tutorial on how to make one so I won't go into detail here (but if you want to see more details of mine or ask me a question feel free to email me or leave a comment and I'll be happy to respond!)  I'll just say that I'm 99% finished them, I just want to add each year to the back some how nice and pretty.

Our stockings :) We can't hang ours on our mantel because our mantel is a bit too wobbly (will explain why in a future post ) Mine is in the front, can you believe my mom made it? I love it :)

And of course Stella has to have a stocking too!

Living room ( there are a few projects in that room I want to tackle soon, including that ugly chair!)

Fireplace and mantel...

I love the picture on the mantel. I was going to take it down for Christmas because it's been up there for awhile ( it's just a cheapo poster from Ikea) But then I looked at it again and thought it looked like the little kids in the photo are watching for Santa, so I left it :)

"Snoodles" our elf (remember him from this post?) had a blast finding new hiding spots, but I think this was his favorite :)

The main floor bathroom which has our snowman collection...

That bathroom will hopefully be seeing some changes in the new year (hint: I certainly didn't pick salmon pink as a colour for the walls)

And last but not least is our entry, where everyone is greeted with a nice photo of all of us, a joyful angel that Nyla made last year and a few other other happy things.

That's it for the main floor. One of these days soon, I plan to do a full house tour, so you can look forward to that in the new year!
I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend and a very Happy New Year!

See you next year!

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