Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dashing through the snow, in a two horse open sleigh.....

Yes, you read that right and no its not a  mistake :) How was your weekend? Ours was pretty wonderful, despite all the kids having colds (some worse than others) my mom invited us for a surprise outing on Sunday, and what a wonderful surprise it was! This lovely gentleman named Herb took us in his horse drawn sleigh...

 The girls got to enjoy sitting up front for awhile and listened to Herb's stories about not being able to go to school until he could ride a horse and so his parents got him one for his sixth birthday, then he had to ride it to his one room school house. I love having my kids exposed to stories like that and for them to enjoy some old fashioned fun. When we finished I asked Cady if she liked it and she said, "yeah it was fun, a little slow though."
Pat, my mom, and Gabe enjoying the ride :)

When we were done the kids were allowed to give the horses some apple treats :) The black one on the left is Annie and the brown on the right is Jess. They were lovely and Jess and I made ourselves friends :) I love love love horses always have and I can't wait for the day when I can get one for myself :)

Jess sure liked those apples! And Cady sure enjoyed giving them to her!

All in all a good weekend and thanks again mom!
Now that I'm finished my classes (yippee!) I will be back more often this week to update on Christmassy stuff going on around here :) Decorating and baking and crafting oh my!

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