Thursday, December 22, 2011

Did you figure it out?

It's..........Almond Roca! Yum!

Cady was my little helper as we made some yesterday :) She was the official taste tester :)

If you want to make some yourself, here's the recipe,

Almond Roca

1c butter
1 c sugar
1   4oz pkg sliced almonds
6oz semi-sweet chocolate, white or dark

Cook sugar and butter for 6-7 minutes on medium high heat, stirring constantly. Add almonds and boil another 6-7 minutes until mixture is caramel coloured and nuts pop.
Remove from heat and pour on  a cookie sheet.
Coat top and side with melted chocolate, sprinkle with nuts when cool.
Turn over and coat other side.

Then when all that is done, you break it all into pieces and enjoy! Or maybe share.

I cannot believe how fast the last couple of weeks have gone by, can you?! The countdown is on and I only have a few more things to wrap and I think I can say I'm ready for the big day :) How about you, are you ready? I'm going to try and be back tomorrow and share our holiday decor.

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