Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Fun Family Weekend (Canadian Style :)

We had such a great weekend this weekend past (it was a long weekend where we are) and I just had to share some of it with all of you who are still checking in on me here ;) 

On Saturday it was gorgeous and sunny and my hubby had the great idea to check out a local park on the lake where we heard it freezes when there is a long cold spell (which there has been!) I decided to bring the good camera to play around with ;)

Look at that gorgeous blue sky!!

What you can't see is how c-c-c-cold it was! And windy!
That's one of my sisters above and trust me she wasn't exaggerating her bundling up :)

But, despite the cold, we were glad we brought our skates as the lake was quite frozen and we were able to skate on it...

The kids had a blast!

Like I said I brought the good camera so I had to try and get some nice close ups ;)

*sigh* so nice to enjoy some sunshine as its a fairly elusive commodity here in the winter.
 Sunday we just hung around home and then on Monday, we went to a small town not far from where we live and enjoyed a Winter Family Carnival. Most of the day was free and we enjoyed stuff like Maple syrup snow toffee, horse drawn sleigh rides, shinny hockey, free food (hot dogs, soups and rice krispie squares, hot chocolate and hot apple cider) and...

cross country skiing!

They supplied the equipment for anyone to try it out and so we took full advantage (our girls and I have done it before but the two guys haven't) 
Everyone had fun and there were only a couple wipe outs, mostly going down a small hill ;) As you can see, the sky was back to its usual protocol, grey and cloudy, but we did get some fresh snow. 
We finished up the day by stopping at a nearby hot springs and warming up (sorry, no pictures ;) and that concluded our Fun family weekend :)
Hope those of you with snow are enjoying all the cold weather activities in your area!  

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