Friday, February 14, 2014

A Boy Bedroom Update

Hi everyone! First off I have to say Happy Valentines Day!  

OK so it's more like a mini update, but I'm so happy to share with you some updated photos of Gabe's room. First of all, lets remind ourselves of what I started out with;

Yikes! Poor Gabe had to live with this for nearly five months (since the girls rooms took precedence in their unfinished state and then there was Christmas etc etc ;)

I'll be honest and tell you that I've been waiting awhile to try and get a good photo to show off his new color and since that just isn't happening I figured what the heck, Ill show you anyways :) So, here it is...

A vast improvement for sure! The color I used in here is called Silver Mist by Benjamin Moore

It's a nice light grayish blue as Gabe wanted his room to be grey (actually her originally wanted it to be all black but I nixed that since his only window is north facing and doesn't get much natural light, especially in winter) although, it is quite light and sometimes reads as a soft white. Not to worry as I have a plan to deepen the color a bit. I'm also super excited about this room as I got a fantastic idea for a sort of theme for his room. I'm thinking (and Gabe agrees with this idea and is sooo excited) that his room will be a ski theme or winter wonderland. Gabe loves to ski and I have some ideas to make his room cool for a little boy of 6 as he is now and also that he can grow with for many years to come as it won't be too cartoonish.

Have a great V-day and a wonderful weekend!

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