Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ordinary Days

Yesterday was one of those regular semi-ordinary days I just love. I went and watched the kids school assembly, Cady was in a special performance :)

Made these yummy treats for after school snack (apples with peanut butter and chocolate chips :)

This little guy was the only kid home after school, so he brushed up on his wii skills :)

I took the day off from purging, sorting and unpacking boxes(yes, we still have unpacked boxes *yikes* hence the purging as a lot of them never got unpacked in our last place!) and felt so good to have a pot roast bubbling away on the stove. I also made a bunch of applesauce and I used my new food dehydrator (Christmas present!) to make dried mangoes. Both the apples and mangoes were on wicked sale last week.

Also did some work and paid some bills (also stared out the window at all the new snow that was falling!) 

A little bit of spring on our table. The last couple times I've gone grocery shopping I just had to pick up some fresh flowers, I think I'm ready for spring! I shouldn't complain though, we've had a pretty mild winter and no crazy storms or anything like a lot of people have had in the eastern provinces and states.

 This guy was a little troublemaker!

He somehow climbed to the very top of this tall cupboard, opened the door and climbed in! (His food is kept on the top shelf for a reason!) Crazy cat (picture me shaking my head in reluctant amusement ;)

Have a lovely ordinary (or extraordinary) day!

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