Monday, March 4, 2013

A walk in the sunshine

It was so nice out today! So sunny and springy we had to go for a walk! Pat and I (and Stella!) went down to our local beach and enjoyed the sunshine, but it sure wasn't warm yet :) There was a brisk wind blowing and it was sure cold!

But beautiful all the same :) I can't believe how fast all the snow seems to be melting, there's only snow left on the upper half of the mountains.

You can see it pretty clearly in this picture with the old clearcut.

Our Stella was brave enough to have a swim in the freezing cold lake :) Our dog loves the water soooo much! Must be the lab in her :)

Pat and Stella playing chase :)

And done :)

Stella really really wanted to catch a seagull for a snack (not really, I think if she really did catch one she wouldn't know what to do with it, and run away scared :)

A nice hour in the great outdoors on a beautiful brisk spring day with my hubby and my puppy :)

What could be better?
Have a great week!

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