Friday, March 15, 2013

My Favorite Homesteading/Farming/Gardening Books

Update! I forgot one! Another new favorite is called All the Dirt: Reflections on Organic Farming

In the last year or so I've been slowly building up our library of reference books about farming and homesteading and I've learned so so much. I am really looking forward to putting some of the skills and knowledge I've gleaned to good use :) As you may have noticed, I love to read so there are quite a few different styles of books on my shelves.

Some of the books I love to read are simply enjoyable reading about real life people learning their way through farming. This is one of my all time favorites. I've probably read this twenty times in the last two years! hmmm, don't see that one on the shelf, it must be on my bedside table :)

also, written by a whole bunch of different farmers, is this little gem I quite enjoyed.

And of course what self respecting potential farmer/homesteader wouldn't have at least ONE of Joel Salatin's books ;) I read Family Friendly Farming and it was quite engaging and hilarious, but thought provoking as well.

Some of the weightier, more reference style volumes in our collection include this behemoth, which I will admit I haven't read all of, but I have read quite a bit and also used some of the recipes from it which were really good. A ton of really good information about just about anything and everything!

Then there is this wonderful wonderful book that I adore!

I love all the illustrations and all the information, in fact I HAVE read this one cover to cover :)
Another book that I like is this one, as I do believe Permaculture makes a ton of sense

That one I've delved into a bunch of times and really enjoyed it so one of these days I'm going to finish it!
I also have a couple small homestead books like,
And then we have some gardening type books like,
with fantastic pictures, scrumptious recipes and excellent tips it is fast becoming one of my top faves :) and same with this one which is similar,


And then last, but certainly not least, we have this absolute jewel
 which you can find here or here. I received my copy from my mom as a Christmas gift this past year, Thanks mom! "The garden that you are" was written about an area very close to my home and it is fantastic! I've even met one of the couples featured in there and seen their garden up close and it is spectacular and inspiring and wonderful (despite the crazy mosquitos :)
So there you go, a whole lotta reading and note taking I've done from these books and looking over them all now I realize what a visual learner I am in that I gravitate towards the ones with drool worthy pictures. ( But really, what's a garden book without pictures ;)
Please feel free to share your favorite sources of inspiration and knowledge with all of us in the comments below.
Have a great weekend!

Disclaimer: All opinions are solely my own, I'm not an affiliate of Storey Publishing or Touchstones. However, I am an affiliate of Amazon and do receive a little compensation from them should you click on my links and buy from there.


Jill said...

Thanks or sharing these, they are some great resources :-) Have a wonderful week!


Sam said...

thank you! you too!


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