Monday, January 28, 2013

Books I read in 2012

Last year in January I wrote about What I read in 2011 and then I made my Books I read in 2012 notebook  I had a great time recording all the books I was reading in January,

February and March (apparently March is a big Nora Roberts month for me!)

April was starting to lose it and then May was non existent! (May and June we were deep into packing mode for our imminent move at the end of June)

I got the month written down for June and then started to get back into it for July but honestly I think my little notebook got jumbled and lost during the move for a bit.

In August I made a little effort again ( which is too bad since I KNOW I read a bunch in August and I made an effort to find the notebook and keep it near, even in our trailer) and then all of a sudden it was September and that was it, my little notebook was relegated to layout drawings of houses we were looking at buying :). (Does anyone else do that, make a layout sketch of houses they look at buying, just to get it all clear in your head? Or is it just me? Please tell me I'm not the only one!)

      So, that was it, the rest of the year was a blur and even though I am sure I read something in there, I have no recollection and no proof! I have been pondering whether I would attempt to keep up with a reading journal for 2013 and decided to try again (surely this year won't be quite as chaotic right? ha ha) I really enjoy looking back at what I DID read (some of it definitely crappy fluffy brainless stuff and some of it pretty darn good and helpful and thought provoking) and I also have made up my mind to read some good classics that I always "intend" to read but never get to. Hopefully writing it down will keep me accountable :)
     One other thing I've been working on, is reading out loud to my kids some of the "classics". We have always read to our kids before bed most nights, but with Nyla and Cadence being older, and fully able to read by themselves, it has been easy to just let them read alone before bed. The last week or so, I've been reading out loud to all three of them in the evenings. We started the first book in the Chronicles of Narnia called "The Magician's Nephew" and we are all enjoying it soooo much, the kids ask for it every night! 
At first Gabe wasn't too impressed that there weren't any pictures, but one evening we were all at the table after supper and the girls were working on a 1000 piece puzzle they had started with Pat (Pat was away that evening at a meeting). Gabe was doing his own drawing and coloring, so I started reading and they  enjoyed that so much that there was complete silence except for me reading! Now that may not seem that crazy but, in our house if there is puzzles and coloring, there is some sort of noise, be it squabbling or conversation etc :) It was so peaceful and enjoyable we're going to try it again this week. Hmmm I'm just thinking, maybe I'll do a reading journal with the family books in it as well.

 The interesting thing about this to me, is that the girls love it too, even though they could easily read it to themselves.In fact, Nyla said, "Mom, I'm really glad you're reading to us again, I was missing that and our cuddles together before bed." I'll mention, that part of the reason we don't have cuddles is cause she now sleeps on a loft bed and mom doesn't do so good with heights!

So, that's my update to my books I read notebook, now I want to hear about you! Do you do a lot of reading? Do you keep a reading journal? Have you stopped reading to your kids because they can read to themselves? Do you do well with heights or not so much, like me?
Have a great week! 
( Is anyone else flabbergasted that it's the end of January already?!)

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