Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas 2012

Hello blogworld :) It's been a little while since I was around here, but rest assured I haven't forgotten about my little speck of blogland here, I've been working on a bunch of "behind the scenes" stuff and trying to get my computer to work well again. Thank you to all of you interested and wonderful enough to stick around and see what I have to (eventually) say and share :)
I know most blogs are done with Christmas, but I have to post this as it was supposed to go up around the 27th, but you know what they say about the best laid plans :)

I should warn you before we go further that there are a LOT of pictures, so pull up a chair and maybe grab a cuppa tea or coffee (whatever your "thang" is) and enjoy the highlights with me :)   

Here's the sweet kiddy's near the start of the opening frenzy, all decked out in their new Christmas PJ's (the hat on Cady is new as well :)

My little Gabester, oh so carefully unwrapping (trust me, he wasn't this intent with every gift!)

And there's our Nyla, she seemed sooooo grown up this year, our big 10 year old, she's an old pro with the whole unwrapping deal :)

And here's our cute Cady-boo all decked out in her favorite colour :)

Gabe was slightly excited to discover a Lego fire station under the tree...

and a harmonica which he promptly played a tune on, for us all to enjoy!

I just love this picture of them all intently looking at one thing together.

Nyla's favorite part of the day came when we brought in her new pet....
She promptly named her, Sorrel ,after one of the characters in her favorite books.

Gabe needed some cuddle time after all the excitement so daddy was happy to lend a lap...

After all the unwrapping was done for the morning, everyone hung out and played with new stuff and had breakfast. My mom and sister came over for breakfast and Gabe had to show Grandma his new garbage truck he got from his cousins. These are my favorite moments of the day, enjoying spending time with family:)

We ended up getting two kittens,a guinea pig and  three fish (one for each of the kids, given to them by their other Grandma. We spent the Saturday before Christmas with her at her farm, but sadly I don't have any pictures from that ) It was certainly a pet-filled Christmas. Here's Cady with Gabe's kitten, which he named Midnight.

Gabe and daddy building (and playing with!) Gabe's Lego fire station...

Lots of cuddle time spent with the new kitties :)

Stella and the kittens had to get acquainted. It worked out pretty well, no fur flying, no major emergencies :)

In the evening we had a bunch of family and friends over for turkey supper. It was a lovely time together.

The kids table (don't ask me why none of them are smiling and they look quite grumpy!) Unfortunately our kids don't have any cousins near by so they were the only kids, but they still enjoyed their time visiting with grandparents and friends. (the cousins live about a 7 hour drive away, so we don't see them as often as we would like)  :(

We had a lovely Christmas (New Years not so much, as we were almost all sick that week) and it was a wonderful time of get-togethers with family. It really reminded me how incredibly blessed we are and I am so thankful for all that we have, a warm cozy home, delicious food, family and friends to share it with, and each other.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and I can only hope you are as truly blessed as we all are. 
                                                                  Now, on to 2013!

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