Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Scraproom Inspiration

One of the projects I've been working on lately has been my scrapbooking room. January and February are usually the months that I get the most scrapbooking done, so I wanted to be prepared for that so I could get right down to business and create! Last time I showed you this room was way back when I did the House Tour, remember this?

Well, I've been working hard to change that empty loft into a nice looking, somewhat organized scraproom/playroom. And although I would love to share some fantasmic "after" photos, my computer is on the fritz (again!)so hopefully I can get that fixed up by the end of the week. So, although I don't have any of my own pictures to share, I thought I would share some pictures that helped to "pinspire" me.

First up is this loveliness,
Craft room/play room
Isn't that lovely?!?! I love that space above, all the bookshelves for storage (although in our house most of those shelves would be filled with books!) I also love all the bright cheery colour, and the built in desk for three :)

Next up we have this lovely studio,
one of my favorite scrap rooms ever!
I have been in love with the one above for a few years now :) All that lovely organization and the peninsula counter top that you can be face to face while working on projects either together or apart.

And then we have this nice, colourful space,
Ikea Creative Scrap room
I love that there is a little spot for a little one and plenty of counter space to spread out. I also looooovvvveeee the expedit shelf on the left.

Another favorite is this space at Raising Up Rubies ,
Raising up Rubies: a cute place to make stuff ♥
You can click on the link above to take you right to her blog and the full post with lots more pictures of this gorgeous space. I LOVE it, I love the mix of vintage and a bit modern and all the fun colour. I just wish I was as crafty as Jaime.

And last, but certainly not least is this beauty,
THIS is a scrap room!
So so organized and colourful and cute! I love all the little buckets and the "Scrapbook Girl" frames up top.
Now that you've seen my inspiration, I hope to share how inspiration turned into reality very very soon!

Have a great week!

Which one would be your favorite? Do you like a colorful space or is neutral more your style?

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