Friday, September 16, 2011

House Tour day 2- The girls room

Hi! Today I am sharing the girls' room. My girls have shared a room since day one so they really don't know any different, although Nyla has been making noises lately about having her own room. We tried that last year, as we have another bedroom in the basement, but within two weeks they wanted to be together again because both get scared. oh well :) The girls actually have the smaller of the two kids rooms upstairs, but because of the placement of a few things in the bigger room it makes it nearly impossible for good bed placement. But, before you feel sorry for them, I should mention that even though they have the "smaller" of the rooms, it is still a respectable 12' by 14 1/2'.

The top picture is the view when you first walk in the room and it is Nyla's bed. Then we move clockwise around the room to Cady's bed. The painting on the wall is a self portrait she did in preschool. Isn't it cute? ;)

The curtains, pendent light, duvet covers and Nyla's lamp are all from Ikea. Though I love this set, the girls have had it since Nyla was about two and before Cady was born, so when we move (we're selling our house) I really want to change it to suit their current preferences. Nyla's favorite colour is turquoise and Cady's is pink, so I would love to do their next room in those colours.
 Still moving clockwise we have their bookshelf (we like to read a bit :) and the door. To the right of the door is the closet, all organized in my new laundry system inspired by Sarah  in this post at Clover Lane. I figure since she has five kids, college age to preschool age, so she must have a good system right? And I must say, so far it's been really good, I like not having a dresser or two in their room, one less surface to dump stuff on  :)

Well thanks for joining me on this tour. How do you like it so far? Any info you want to know? Let me know, drop me a line in the comments or email me, you can click on my new email me button on the sidebar. I would really really love to hear from you, I know you are out there lurkers ;) (not that I blame you, I'm a lurker on a few blogs too) Ok enough rambling.
Have a good weekend :)

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