Friday, September 9, 2011

A beautiful, busy, fun weekend part 2

Finally!! Part 2 of our fun pre-long weekend weekend. In part 1 I showed a bunch of pictures of the hike we did on the Saturday, well that was only part of Saturday. The rest of the day was spent on the beach playing in the water and cooling down (it was 34 degrees that day) as well as doing some fun water sports including tubing (this is Cady and Pat)

and my brother wakeboarding. Pat and Matt (my bro) also did a bit of waterskiing and normally I would join in but one of my feet is really hurting and bothering me. But I did go for a tube ride with Nyla and we had a blast!

Gabe asked uncle Matt if he would go with him. Gabe loved it so much and wanted to go again and again! He was also quite upset when we told him (Gabe, not Matt :-) that he was a little too young yet to do waterskiing and wakeboarding.

On the Sunday we packed up and headed home because Pats fire department was having a fun softball game and bbq. The guys set up the port-a-tank for the kids to cool off in and they spent most of the afternoon playing in it :)

Cady and Gabe replenishing their energy with hotdogs :-)

After the game everyone had a chance to cool of in the tank, whether by choice or not as I think everyone was tossed in at one point or another. It was a blast! We all had such a wonderful weekend.

Hope you all enjoyed the rest of summer. We certainly did! Actually we are still enjoying beautiful hot sunny weather, thank goodness, as our July was just yucky. Have a good weekend!

p.s I'm working on a house tour for next week, so if you like that sort of thing like I do, be sure to check back and see our "Kozy Kabin"

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