Friday, September 23, 2011

Another fun weekend :)

Warning! This post has a ton of photos!
A few weekends ago (labour day actually) our family had a really great day with my mom and Al on their sailboat. We went up the lake to a lovely beach and spent the day hanging out in the sun. At first I thought our kids would be bored and drive us nuts (they're used to speedboat speed) but they were actually great and they all had a fantastic time.
This first pic is of Gabe and Cady poking their heads out of the berth in the front and catching a breeze.

Next is Pat and Nyla having a moment together.

              And then Pat just has to be a goof :)

       Next we went for a little hike with my mom on the "beach trail" :)

           and yes it made me very nervous that there was a bear in the area, but that just made me sing louder...
         Next is Grandma and Gabe hanging out on a cool tree stump

And my goofy kids (the air horn is to scare off bears too) I love this one :)

                      Nyla was doing her "peace out", so Gabe tells me

and Pat tried to skip some rocks, he's actually pretty good :)

When we got back from our exploring, Al had the fire going so we roasted some hotdogs for lunch...

and ooey gooey marshmallows for dessert :)

On our way back, Nyla tried her hand at stearing the boat, she did really well!

And of course we had some more snacks. Peaches! yum!

Thanks mom and Al for a wonderful and relaxing day!

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