Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School

After looking at everyone else's kids go back to school on different blogs and facebook, it was my kids' turn :-) The girls had their first day back to school today so that meant first day pictures. Here's one with Gabe included even though he isn't in school yet. When I asked him to put his hand down he replied, "I can't mommy it's my mustache!" So cute, so I just let him be and I'll definitely have to scrapbook about it :-)

And just the girls. Cadence is in grade one and she was so excited for today to start going to school all the time with the big kids. Nyla is in grade four and she was pretty excited to go back to see all her friends.

Gabe and I walked the girls down to the bus stop and I caught this picture of them as I was trying to keep up and adjust my camera settings at the same time. They were all so cute.

                                                  Waiting impatiently for the bus.

                                               Here it comes!

And off they go...

When we got back to the house, Gabe proceeded to tell me we needed to pack his snack in his backpack for his school. This is his reaction when I explained that he wasn't going to school...

He was soooo upset! Poor little guy, he'll have to wait one more year. But, we had a nice long cuddle together and decided what to do today. Plans included playing cars and trucks, giving the dog a bath, making cookies, and building some bridges and structures with blocks. Needless to say, my boy wasn't sad for long :-)

I must say that I'm pretty happy that fall and school are here, the last week has been a long one with a lot of bickering and fighting (a lot of fun stuff too) but I'm not sad that summer is over, well, not yet anyways! I have some plans to do a bunch of organizing and decorating starting next week.
What are your plans now that the kids are back in school? Do you have a little one who is sad to see siblings leave? Are you happy, sad, excited, depressed that fall is here and school is back?

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