Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A beautiful, busy, fun weekend part 1

Last weekend we had a wonderful weekend with family. We went to my favorite place in the world where we lazed on the beach and ate junk food :) But, we also went on a wonderful hike to the top of a 5000 ft mountain peak and did some boating activities as well. Here we all are near the peak,

The picture above was actually taken on the way down, the picture below was taken on the way up and you can see the top of the peak we hiked to on the right, there is a building up there that you can barely see.

There is the lake we were boating on and swimming in, waaaaaaaayyyyyy down below :)

And the little village we were staying at,

Pat, contemplating life at the top :)
We did the hike with my dad and brother and Pat's dad and step-mom. Here's Gabe with the grandparents at the top

Hiking down, the kids all did so well, I'm so grateful to have kids who love hiking and doing things outdoors. When we were at the top, there were a group of people we were chatting with and they offered our kids a small piece of wrapped hard candy. When we were hiking down I asked Nyla and Cady what their favorite part was and they said the candy! oh and the amazing view :) kids are so funny aren't they?

There were tons of beautiful alpine wildflowers all along the way

My husband and brother decided to bike down from the parking lot and apparently they had a blast :)

Well this has been part one of our Saturday, stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 and more pictures. Have you been on any nice hikes lately? Do you enjoy hiking or hate it? Are you a mountain biker like my hubby or not so much like me?

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