Friday, January 7, 2011

A very sad day

It is a sad day for me and my family as we just found out my uncle Mike passed away.  About a week before Christmas we had heard he had a bad snowboarding accident and had broken his back and a few other injuries. He had a few surgeries right away, one was to put rods in his back and he actually ended up standing and walking around so he was able to go home for Christmas. It is all the more sad that he has passed as he was doing so well and seemed to be healing very well, but on wednesday he had some appointments and the doctors told him he had a blood clot and they gave him blood thinners and sent him home. This morning he was gone. I don't know all the details yet, but suffice it to say it was quite a shock as he had been doing so well. Please send a prayer out for him and his family as he leaves a wife and three young kids behind. Uncle Mike, we love you and you will be greatly missed. 

This is the best photo I have of my uncle Mike and his family taken almost seven years ago at our wedding. 

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