Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Operation DD (Declutter and Decorate) Part 2

     Well! This has been a lot more work than anticipated! But, it feels fantastic to get all this done. If you haven't read part one of this series, you can check it out by clicking on the tab in the right.
     First off, here are some pictures of our master bedroom after the first part of my mission ( the decluttering that is) I also rearranged a bit and I'm trying to figure out what I'd like to do on that big open wall, hence the pictures stacked against the wall.

Don't you love our Valentines quilt :)

Can't wait to add some colour to these rooms or something to break up all the wood!
I've tried with bedding and light coloured tables, but what do you think?

Still have to clean my camera lens I see!

And on to my next project I worked on yesterday, the girls' room!
I forgot to take before pictures (oops) but I'll give you a mental picture. Clothes strewn all over the floor, closet, beds etc, paper littered everywhere, barbies and littlest petshops everywhere, basically it was a pig sty!  I purged like crazy with their clothes and toys, took all the barbie stuff out of there (they hardly ever play with them except in the bath) rearranged the room, took out two large pieces of furniture (a desk and dresser) and it feels so wonderful in there now, so relaxing and not overwhelming.

This is looking from the door to Nyla's side.

From in front of the closet to Cady's side.

From Nyla's bed to door.

And the closet of course, still have some laundry and a bit of purging to do. Nyla's stuff is all to the right and the turquoise (her fav colour)  bin has her pj's and Cady's is all the the left with the pink bin (her fav colour)
I'm hoping to bring some more of their favorite colours into this room with some accessories etc, but so far, what do you think?

Oh and here's my list

Girls' Room
-maybe get rid of dresser?
- place to hang art work
- hang reading lamps (1 is done)

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