Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Wrap up

Well, where to start! We all had a fantastic Chistmas and New Years, started out with some good skiing on the 24th. It was the first time ever that all five of us have gone together! That's right I said five, Gabe had his first time skiing! He did sooo fantastic and I couldn't believe how good the girls are getting too. The only problem was (and I can't believe I did this!) that we forgot the camera at home!! Can you believe it? Urgh, it still irks me! Well life goes on I guess, we had a lovely time together as well as with my sister and her fiance, my brother, my dad and Pat's dad who were all there as well. Beautiful snow, excellent temperatures, it was great. So afterwards we went to my dads for a little celebration because he and Liz weren't around Christmas day and then we went to Pat's aunt and uncles house, which is a tradition, for a visit and some wonderful food and a few presents. We didn't get home till 10ish so the kids were exhausted (fantastic idea to go skiing that day as they were asleep in two seconds flat I think!) The kids of course had to open their one Xmas eve gift from mom and dad (new xmas pjs) and set out milk eggnog and cookies for santa and a carrot each for rudolph and his pals.

Some were a little too excited and needed some cuddles :)

Some were just plain excited :)

Christmas was wonderfully chaotic as usual :) We had Auntie Kim, Auntie Char, Uncle Matt and Uncle Mike all stay with us and we had visitors come all through the day, Grandma Dusty, Grandma Sue and Al, as well as Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Bev. I made TWO turkeys as we had 12 for dinner (the turkeys were small)
   On Boxing day I had to work, but Pat and the kids went sledding and then on the 27th we all went sledding together and had a blast!
Well I think this is going to be part one and I will finish up my review later or tomorrow. Hopefully I can get up to date soon and talk about this new year we are in and our plans for it.
Have a wonderful day!

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