Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New House Pictures (aka the before pictures)

OK so if you are looking to enjoy a really wordy post today, this is not the post to be looking at :) This one is all about the pictures! They are probably not the best photographic quality as they were taken on my first trip on moving day and I raced around quickly before they started bringing furniture etc in and there are a few random belongings scattered here and there, but they are a pretty darn good depiction of our new place. Also, these will most likely serve as Before shots for any future updates (I know this place doesn't look very Bad and it really isn't, in fact it is pretty darn nice, but we definitely want to put our stamp on things around here) Now enough chit chat, on with the pictures!
This is the view to the left of the front door


                                                                 Living room

                                                               Dining room
Laundry room 

                                                                      Gabe's room
(the window in his room had to be moved as we added on a couple rooms and his room would have looked right into Nylas :)

                  this bedroom will definitely see some painting done in the near future :)

this is my sisters room (she lives with us full time)

                                                               Kids bathroom

                                                                    Nylas room
                                     (it has been painted so stay tuned for that update!)

                                        I love the sloped ceilings in here, so charming :)

here you can see over to Cadys room, hers is a mirror image of Nylas but it was so jam packed with stuff (all her stuff plus most of Nylas as I was getting ready to paint in there) I couldn't get in to get pictures. These pictures were taken after we moved in.
The Master bedroom
this is looking in from the door

                                                            and last but not least, the master bath

So there we go, our new Kozy Kabin :)
Its been a busy busy month and a half and we are settling in quite nicely. I have been painting up a storm in the two girls rooms so stay tuned for that and working on major decluttering and organizing as we downsized a bit and now have a crawl space instead of a full basement to fill up with our crap unused stuff. Feel free to question or comment below

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