Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Inspiration

I've been getting my Christmas inspiration on!
Picked these up last week,

and of course I've been pinning away. I just love the simple red and white looks, like this;

pretty Christmas living rooms (BHG)

although now that I look at it again I realize there are pops of blue in there too! I love it!

and there is this

love all the RED

beautiful holiday tree and decor!

*sigh* I love this upcoming season!
          I'm not the only one in our family who is ready to crack open the bins of Christmas decorations (if we can find them in the crawl space!) the kids have been asking when we can get started on decorating :) Especially Gabe, that boy is a decorating maniac, for every holiday he begs to start decorating weeks and weeks beforehand. This morning I took down our basket of Christmas Books (it was in our closet as I don't want them getting wrecked somehow in the crawlspace) because Gabe asked if he could bring one for his sharing at school, so I guess our decorating has already started!
     How about you? I know a bunch of you from the States have Thanksgiving to get through this week first, but are you dying to get out the tinsel and lights? Or is it something to be put off as long as possible?
Have a fantastic week!
Update: You can check out my post from last year about our Favorite Christmas Books by clicking the links above highlighted in blue!

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