Thursday, November 14, 2013

Girls rooms are painted!

Update! The paint I used in their rooms is Icy Moon Drops 2056-70(walls) and Baby Boy Blue 2056-50 (ceiling) in Nylas room and Soft Pumpkin 2166-40 (walls) and Golden Honey CC-214 (ceiling)in Cadences room all by Benjamin Moore in their eco-spec line (no vocs)

So, last time I shared what the girls rooms look like, they looked a little like this,

A little lackluster in the colour department (a gross understatement :) Well, I finally primed and painted both of the rooms and now they look like this,

 The top picture is Nylas room which has a dark turquoise blue on the ceiling and a very light blue on the walls. Her favorite colours are turquoise and green, so I have a bunch of plans to bring both those colours into her room as well as maybe a few others (fingers crossed ;)  Just having those walls painted and the ceiling a fun pop of colour has made both of us super happy and now we're just figuring out what to do on that big expanse of wall above her bed. Some ideas include a frame collage or a colourful banner or a collage AND a banner :)

I have the same kind of dilemma over here in Cadence's room,

In her room you can see we did the opposite (dark walls and light ceiling) as well as different colours. She really wanted orange walls in her room and I really wasn't too sure about that, but I figured what the heck, why not its a fun kids room. I'm using her duvet cover as my inspiration and a bunch of those hearts are outlined in orange so it should work :) I also plan to try and use a bunch of hits of the green and blue in there as well as white and black to tone down the orange a bit, but I have to say it isn't too bad in person, more pumpkiny than fluorescent. And she loves it, which to me is the main thing. (At least she didn't want all black walls like her six year old brother! I've been in negotiations on that with maybe one wall being black ;)
Up next I will hopefully be painting a hallway this weekend and before we know it will be time to get the Christmas decorations out! Ack!
Any suggestions and questions about the girls rooms, feel free to add in the comments below :)

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