Friday, November 22, 2013

In My Garden....

I know what you're thinking, a post about my garden in November?! Yes this is real people, a gardening post in November. (some of you may be thinking whats the big deal? I live in Canada, the great white north!) 
Anyways, so far I haven't given much of a rundown on our outdoor space of this new property we just bought, so I thought I would do that today. Our new place is just a smidgen under an acre and its pretty much a clean slate as far as landscaping and gardening goes. When we got here there wasn't any outdoor storage so we added a garden shed ( a lovely housewarming gift)

to the right of the shed is the start of our compost pile (where our jack o lanterns now live ;) and to the right of that is where the garden is going to be! I'm excited! that strip of dark brown is the section pat and I tilled up and where I planted some garlic ( I was bound and determined to get some garlic planted before the snow came)

I was using boulders and large pieces of cardboard to pace out some future raised beds :)

 and totally different change of topic, do you think these cats are loved?? I took these pics just before I woke the kids yesterday morning (cats were asleep too, but awoke from the flash ;)

Have a great weekend!!

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