Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Scraproom/Playroom

Thank you so much those of you who have stayed around while my blogging has been so sporadic! I think I've got the kinks worked out and the computer problems fixed too! 

So, a couple of weeks ago I posted this picture and said that I would show you the updated version soon. Apparently 3 weeks is soon! ;) You can check out my scraproom inspiration post here.

And now on to the fun "after" pics! Yay! This first picture is almost the same angle as the one above. 
 In it you can see my desk and a little reading corner, playmobil land and some storage stuff. Turning to the right we have this view...

So far this room is pretty high on functionality (is that a word? I think so!)and organization and still fairly low on the pretty scale. At least I think so :) But it is a work in progress and I'm slowly getting it to be the way I want it to be. I also have a few ideas that I'd like to DIY (thank you Pinterest!) to amp up the prettiness factor.

The bookshelf (long time ago from Ikea) incorporates a lot of space for vertical storage and display.

My desk was given to me years ago from my MIL and has a lot of little cubbies for storage. I love having that little bookshelf in the corner with my sons' "Cars couch". He loves coming to hang out with me and read books and lounge or he plays with the playmobil castle. 
Next, we have a close up of my desk, I'm slowly figuring out what works and what doesn't. But, the good news is that I've been scrapbooking! Yippee!! I was working on a layout about my eldest daughter turning ten and how much she's changed and grown (and how fast ten years flies by!) I would like to maybe get/make a bulletin board or inspiration board for over my desk, right now I have my clipboard with a few fun pics of the five of us.

One of these days I will show you the full tour of my desk and you can see how much I pack in there :)
If you are standing by my desk and you turn 180 degrees, you have this view...
More playmobil and more of the playroom part of the loft. My kids still use that kitchen believe it or not! The blue and green bins hold doll clothes in one and dress up clothes in the other. Aren't those doll beds cute?! The bassinet was mine when I was little and the cradle was a gift years ago from Pat's grandma :)

Well, we've come a long way from this basically open slate...

to this (mostly) organized scraproom/playroom...

and I'm feeling pretty good about it all. Now I just have to work on the "fun" stuff, the pretty stuff which is alright with me. ;)   I'd like to incorporate an inspiration board, some artwork, maybe some sort of bunting, you never know :) I'm always open to suggestions, so if you think of any or have any questions, feel free to ask/tell in the comments section below.
Have a great day!

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