Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Quick Trip

On Friday I mentioned I would be away for the weekend and the reason I was away was to go to a barbecue supper for my sweet cousin Rebecca  abd her new hubby Tristan (that's her in the middle holding their cute baby Avin, and that's their sweet dog Donny in between).  The guy on the left is my other cousin Jake (who coincidentally is Rebecca's big brother :) He is also a wonderful musician and he sang their wedding song ("Home" by Phillip Phillips) They had a very quiet nuptial ceremony during the week before with just their immediate family and the barbecue was kind of their reception to celebrate with more family and friends. It was a lovely evening and I was so thrilled for them, they are the sweetest couple!

The reason I was gone all weekend was because the party was about 8 hours away, so two of the days were mostly travelling time (we got back last night). I hitched a ride with my mom and Al and Pat stayed home and took the kids to soccer on Saturday (almost done, 1 more game weekend, whew!) and did various other things needing to get done (like finding firewood so we don't freeze this winter!)

Anyways, although it was a quick trip I had a wonderful time seeing relatives I hadn't seen for a long time. And also meeting some of the newest members of our large extended family.

How about you, did you go on any 8 hour drives this weekend? 

P.S Fun Fact: Rebecca was my maid of honour when Pat and I got  hitched :)

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