Friday, September 28, 2012

No More Baggies!

         This year, for the beginning of school I started a new tradition. I was getting so tired of feeling guilty about sending little plastic baggies in my kids' school lunches ( I do use reusable containers but once you add up a container for a sandwich, a container for cookies/muffin, and sometimes a container for fruit )it starts to add up and then they don't fit in the kids cute lunch bags. Pretty soon you're buying a huge honkin' lunch bag as big as their backpack and where do they put their agendas and homework or library books?! Well, my solution in the past has been to pack their cookie or muffin or other snack item in plastic snack baggies. But no more!
        My new tradition is going to be to let each of my kids pick out a cute reusable snack baggie! And this year as I was ordering up the snack bags I decided to add a set of reusable sandwich wrappers as well, because honestly a lot of times I would just wrap their sandwiches in plastic wrap or throw them in a plastic sandwich baggie because it was easier/fit better than containers. Aren't they cute?!

Cadence's bag is on the left with the pink owl baggie, Gabe's is in the middle with the blue airplanes, and Nyla's is on the right with the colourful trees and birds. All three of them have the same style sandwich wrappers in the red gingham because those came in a 3 pack.Oh and if you are wondering about their lunch bags, this year I ordered them online (because we live nowhere near the stores :) with their matching backpacks (except Nyla cause she chose different ones :). 

Gabe's are the sports ones on the left and his are from The Children's Place. Cadence's are the polka dot ones on the right and Nyla's are the peace sign shoulder bag and the butterfly lunch bag in the middle. Nyla and Cadence's bags were all from Old Navy :)
Anyways, we have been using the baggies and sandwich wrappers for a few weeks now and so far they have worked out excellent! The kids all remember to put the baggies and wrappers back in their lunch bags and we haven't lost any (so far! knock on wood :) Plus the kids all love that they got to pick them out themselves and they are really good about taking care of them.And you know what? I feel better about packing their lunches knowing we aren't adding more plastic to the landfills. So, it's a win-win I say.

(Gabe likes his lunch all packed even on non school days. That boy cracks me up :)

Now it's your turn! What kinds of things do you do to help this beautiful planet we live on stay beautiful? Do you use plastic baggies? Or do you have a huge, backpack size lunch bag filled with containers? Feel free to comment below :)

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