Thursday, September 13, 2012

What a busy, fun weekend!

Last weekend we had a busy fun time and it felt like the beginning of the weekend was still summer and by Monday it felt like fall. Ah well, such is life in the great white north :) Actually one of the reasons I love where we live is that we get the best of all seasons. We have the beautiful fall foliage and falling leaves of autumn, of course we get snow in the winter (enough to ski at the ski hill 25 minutes away without the use of snow machines), the crocuses and daffodils of spring and the hot beautiful days of summer. But I digress! 
Our kids (all three of them) were invited to a friends birthday party on Friday after school. Since that friend and her family have a gorgeous house and property on the lake and since it was a gorgeous hot Indian summer day, the friends took all the kids who wanted to go, on a tube ride. Well Gabe and Cady were all over that! (Nyla decided to stay and watch from the dock) 

They had a blast! The friend also had a piƱata for everyone so that was fun too. And of course there was the requisite cake and ice cream :)

Thank you to the Alexander family for such a wonderful fun time!

This weekend the kids were back into soccer games on Saturday morning. Thankfully it was a lovely day again. Cadence got a little bored while watching her brother play :)

On Saturday afternoon I decided to take the kids to a beach since it was still so gorgeous and warm out. Pat was doing a course so it was just me and the kiddies. Isn't this view gorgeous!

We decided to pick up some friends to come with us,

sometimes you need a brave friend to help motivate you to jump in ( and holding hands never hurt either :)

I just love the picture above :) Those five have been friends since Gabe was about a month old and they always have a great time together.

Sunday, I forgot to take pictures, but we went to a fall fair with my mom and did another special thing for Nylas birthday (which is actually tomorrow)including a picnic. Then on Monday, when the girls were done school, we went to my moms and helped pick  plums off their tree because a bear had decided to climb the tree the day before and broke a few big branches off. We didn't want the bear to still be attracted to the tree so we had to pick them all :)

Notice how bundled up they are? Well Monday brought autumn with a vengeance and it was windy and freezing! This tree did so well this year, there were TONS of plums.

Stella did her best to help "supervise"  :)

The kids helped a ton, partly cause they were small enough to climb the tree without breaking branches :) You can see in the picture above one of the branches broken by the bear :( I love how it looks like a big alligator mouth trying to eat Nyla in this pic :)
I can't believe this week is almost over and we're almost to the weekend again! We have another busy weekend with soccer games, another birthday party to go to, and another fall fair on Sunday. Maybe this time I'll remember to take pictures :) 

How about you? Has fall come to your corner of the world? Are your weekends crazy busy as well? Do you have any resident bears breaking branches in your yard?

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