Friday, June 22, 2012

Where are we living this summer?

So, as most of you know we sold our house (as long as all goes well on the 29th of this month, fingers crossed!) and some of you may be wondering, where are you moving to??
Well although I would love to be moving to something like this...

Pinned Image

or this...

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or {sigh} this...

Pinned Image

We haven't found our perfect house/farm yet (and truthfully if we found something looking like any of the above pictures it would most likely be out of our price range {sigh}) So, here's our plan...
We are staying at my mom and Al's house for a month, house-sitting and garden-sitting while they are away on a sailing trip (I know, I'm jealous too!). Then, we are going to be camping for the rest of the summer in our tent.

Just kidding! About the tent part, not the camping part :) No, we are getting a travel trailer to camp in for the summer :) We are going to really enjoy our local area and see all there is to see for camping spots. We live in a gorgeous area with mountains for hiking and biking, a lake for swimming and water sports and tons of little picturesque towns to explore. We have to stay in our area because my hubby still has to work, but it should be fun with the five of us and our dog Stella. :) The kids think it's going to be a grand adventure (they love camping) and they know they are also going to spend some time on Grandma Dusty's farm :)

So, anyone else camping for the summer? Anyone think we're crazy? :) Have a great weekend!

All pictures above were found on Pinterest.

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