Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An Extraordinary Day

Yesterday was a special day as on June 11, 1912 this amazing woman was born.

That woman is my Granny and she turned 100 years old yesterday! (sorry it's a bit blurry, the pic above is a picture of a picture) This weekend, Pat and I and the kids went on a quick trip to see her and join in the big birthday bash held for her. Our kids were really thrilled to meet her (well, the girls have met her, but Nyla was 2 and Cady was about 4 months so they didn't remember) and of course there were numerous pictures taken, my favorite was this one of our five generations: Granny, her daughter (my grandma), her grandson (my dad), her great granddaughter (me!), and her great great grandkids (my three kids).

She actually has five great great grandkids, the eldest being almost 10 and the youngest is about 9 months old. Aren't they cute?

At one point, the four older kids stood up and sang a couple songs to Granny including "You are my Sunshine" and "Happy Birthday". It was really cute!

We had a wonderful time visiting with family and relatives and for my kids it was a wonderful chance to meet everyone again as we all live so far apart (about 7-8 hrs drive). It was also so interesting to me to hear stories from Granny's children and grandchildren about what she and my grandad were like and the fun and love they had together. There were even a couple of women there who had known my Granny as a girl as she had babysat them 85 years ago!

All in all a fantastic weekend and an amazing tribute to an amazing woman :)

                                                           We love you Granny!

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