Monday, June 4, 2012

My busy month

Yes, that is my old fashioned paper organizer ( I don't even have a cell phone) all marked in with all the things going on in my life this month. I'm pretty proud of myself for actually sitting down today with all the calenders and writing it all down in one spot that I can bring with me everywhere. I know a lot of you are even busier, maybe you have a bunch more kids, or work full time as well as do all this kind of stuff, but for me that is a super busy schedule (oops I see I forgot to write the actual game times on the Saturdays). On top of all that "mom" stuff, I'm packing like a mad woman and doing all that other moving shenanigans because see on the bottom right hand corner, it says "completion day" and "possession day" so we have to be out of here by the first of July. Now, hopefully by the end of this week we'll have some idea of where we are moving our stuff to!  
Anyone else on the move? Anyone else out there have a crazy jam packed month ahead of you? Do your kids have school till the very end of June like mine do?
Have a great week!

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