Monday, May 14, 2012

I feel loved :)

Yesterday I had a lovely day with my family. I was greeted with a plethora of lovely handmade gifts from my sweet little kidlets :)

Nyla made this sweet card,

and a few paintings that she made at school. The one below is one called "friends come in all colours" or something like that....

and this one is a pastel and watercolour of some waterlilies. I love the colours in this one, definitely one of my favorites!

Cadence painted this beautiful flowerpot and then planted the flower/plant inside :)

She also made a whole whack of cards and some of my favorites are on the right side of the picture below. The one on the left is Gabe's sweet card which Nyla helped him with. She drew what he asked and then he coloured it all in. Isn't it sweet? I loved it! 

We were blessed with a gorgeous day! A beautiful cloudless blue sky and nice and warm :)

So gorgeous that the grass is growing like crazy :) So, me and my trusty lawnmower set out to make the grass pretty. I know it sounds crazy, but I really like mowing the lawn! It is so nice to know I can make a nice pattern in the grass and it won't get upset or ruined right away. When you do dishes or laundry you know that the cycle is going to start again almost immediately, but mowing lasts about a week :) 

Hard to see, but there are pretty lines in the grass :)

We all spent the day outside, had a big bonfire (doesn't look like it here, but that fire is super hot! We had flames about 10 feet high for a bit too :) and roasted hot dogs and smokies.

 The kids had a blast building a fort in the forest and swinging and playing on the trampoline with the neighbour boy.

Whee! Go Cady :)

So, did you have a good weekend? And a good mothers day? Have you roasted anything over a bonfire lately?  Do you like mowing the lawn like I do, or do you prefer the "man of the house" to do it instead?
Have a great week!

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