Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Girls Life...

Someone decided to give himself a haircut...

        He found a pair of scissors and decided his hair was just too long (which is true, I admit it was past time for a cut :) Lucky for him, his mommy is a former hairdresser (me) and could fix that up right away :) Now he's left with just a couple minor bald spots. *sigh*
   Gabe's favorite game lately is "garbage truck". This is where is gathers up anything he can carry or that isn't bolted down and piles them up on chairs, then drives them to the "dump" which is just another designated spot he drops everything. As you can see, boxes are a favorite "garbage item/plaything",

probably because boxes are mommy's new "favorite toy"  

Yes, there is lots and lots of packing going on around here (my mom works at the hospital so she supplies us with most of our boxes).The move is coming up pretty soon, at the end of June and I can't believe it's the end of May already! Another prominent theme around here? Empty walls....

and emptyish shelves. :) 

     The three colourful bins hold all our kids dvds and videos so I can't pack those yet as there are a few Special Movie Nights before the move :)
     Gabe couldn't stand all the walls becoming empty, so he found this delightful Happy Birthday banner and decided to pretty up the bedroom. Don't you guys know that happy birthday banners are the height of home decor??!!!   :)

And here's my sweet little buddy, enjoying his morning oatmeal (with almonds,cinnamon and raisins of course!)


Have a great day!

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