Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Baa baa black sheep......

Have you any wool? You sure do and you are super cute too! :)

 Yesterday, we went and visited Grandma Dusty and Tim's farm again! Every time we go there, there are new little treasures to get acquainted with :) I can't believe it has already been two months ago since the last time we visited when first saw the baby lambs! (I do realize that saying baby lambs is redundant, but I just can't help myself :) They are getting so big! Also, since Grandma helps a friend with taking care of lambs rejected by their mothers, her lambs have changed and now she has a few black ones, last time they were all white ones. But, black or white, I think they are all super cute, and so do my kids.

Grandma has also acquired some miniature donkeys! Aren't they cute? The smallest one is called Isabella (or Izzy for short) and she is only two months old. Pictures just don't do these guys justice, but they are so cute and charming in person.

The kids sure had a blast getting reacquainted (they met once before, but it was mine and Pats first time meeting them)

 The kids (and I) were thrilled to meet Grandmas newest chicks and another new addition, ducklings!

Sooo cute! I have to admit that although I think the chicks are cute, I fell hard for the ducklings :) Have to add ducklings to my list of animals for our eventual farm (still working on that, went to look at a few places yesterday!) Here is Grandma holding one of the ducklings...

and of course the kids had a turn holding the chicks and ducklings :)

I just love Gabes' expression, he is cuter than any baby animal, by far :) He was also so nice and gentle and calm while holding them, a real natural.

Gabe also enjoyed helping Grandma herd all the animals back in their pens for the night :) "Follow me donkeys, follow me"  

We sure enjoyed our day on the farm and the kids are sure looking forward to summer break so they can sleep over at Grandma and Tim's place for a whole week! :) Pat and I had a quick, but very enjoyable visit and I know for me it totally inspired me and made me extra committed to finding our "perfect" place to have our own farm.
Thanks again, Grandma Dusty and Tim!

Anyone else visited any farms lately? Have your own farm and enjoying the spring influx of baby animals?
Have a great week!

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