Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Cuties

Cady "The Witch", Nyla "The Cook"
and Gabe "The Fireman"

I'm not sure why Nyla looks so grumpy, but these kids had a fantastic time last night! I could not believe the amount of candy in their bags when I got home last night. Quite a haul I tell you!! Unfortunately I had to work last night (which was so slow and boring!) so I missed out on the trick or treating, but Pat and Grandma took them around uphill in town and I hear they got to see a pretty cool haunted house and some pretty neat costumes too.

Now who wouldn't want to be saved by this cutie fireman! So serious!

And of course our sweet little witch.

So this week I'll be taking down all the Halloween decorations and be waiting impatiently to put up Christmas ones instead! I just love Christmas and I always start thinking about it in September so by November first I'm usually impatient for the next holiday to begin. *Sigh* oh well :)
I hope everyone had a lovely, fun and safe Halloween!!

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