Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Busyness

Ok, I promised some pictures, so here goes! This, of course, is Nyla at her 8th birthday party. She had a slumber party with a few friends, hence the pjs she is wearing :) This is her second cake because, this was the saturday after her actual birthday, and of course we had to have cake on the actual day (which is pictured below). They had a grand time at the party, hanging out in pjs, watching a movie and, needless to say, doing a lot of giggling!

This is Cady with her crazy hair and the pet hamster "Spotty" who she adores and holds all the time.

This is actually Nyla's first cake. mmm lots of cake in about a months span!

The kids after their bath, notice the lovely mauve coloured tub? yech!! oh and there's a matching toilet and sink too! Who would pick this colour for bathroom fixtures I don't know.

Hahaha, this one makes me laugh!Cadence with her turkey drumstick she picked on Thanksgiving :) The thing took up her whole plate but she insisted she wanted it. We eventually convinced her to let daddy help cut some pieces off for her.

In between all the schoolwork and working I've been doing lately, I've made sure to have a bit of time for things that I enjoy doing, like scrapbooking :) This is some of my mess while making some Christmas cards. I'm so excited for christmas already it is ridiculous! I would love to just bypass halloween and just go straight to December. I know, I know, some of you think that is nuts, but hey thats just me, a little bit nutty :)

Cutie Gabe after his bath. I've been trying really hard to take lots of pictures again because they are all growing up so fast! Especially this one, my baby who is not a baby anymore and reminds me, daily, that he is a big boy.

Speaking of being a big boy, this little man turned three this month! We had a quiet celebration at home with family and cupcakes, yum!

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