Friday, November 26, 2010

A windfall of cheese and butter!! (and various other things)

Will you look at all this food! Isn't it awesome especially since most of it was FREE! I can't tell you how excited this makes me especially right before the holidays. So here's the story: On wednesday night Pat's dad, Dennis, called me and asked if we had any room in our extra fridge in the basement. "I think so," I say, "why?" "Well," he says, "we have some extra cheese and butter we'd like to share with you." "ok, sounds great, thanks!" I reply. 
Well I clear up the fridge and the next day run over to their house to pick up the goods. Holy Doodles!! there are bags upon bags full of butter and cheese and yogurt and chip dips and cream cheese etc,etc. "How in the world did you aquire all this stuff?" I ask Bev (Pat's stepmom) Well I guess what had happened was that on Tuesday night (i think) the compressor for all the fridges and freezers in one of our local grocery stores, kicked the bucket and died so all this food was sitting there going to waste. By law, the store is not allowed to sell or donate all the food (because it was sitting there for a few hours "unrefrigerated") so they had to dump thousands of dollars worth of meats and other such foods. When Bev went down there Wednesday and asked where all the food was, she was told this story as well as the fact that there was a bunch of things out by the dumpsters. Well she went to check it out and technically the things were "thrown out" but there were nice neat stack of eggs and various other foodstuffs in, on top of, and around the dumpsters. I should add that the temperatures outside around here have been certainly cold enough to keep foods refrigerated if not frozen! So she basically rolled up her sleeves and got to work gathering various foodstuffs and helping a few other people who had joined her. Crazy huh? But thank you Bev and Dennis so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness!! 

Unsalted butter

Salted butter

Below are a bunch of packages of blueberries Bev recently aquired for us in a similar fashion. I'm going to be doing a lot of baking this year I can tell!

And here are just a couple of pictures of the rest of the fall decor that I am putting away today in preparation for Christmas decorations. Did you know Christmas is less than a MONTH away?!! YAY !! I love Christmas!

Well  I hope everyone has a super fantastic weekend, Bye!

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