Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Big Day for Stella!!!

           Yesterday was a big day for our puppy Stella. After nearly six months of having her leg bandaged from her accident in the spring, we finally got the call, from our vet, saying we could take the bandages off!! It must have been a wierd feeling for her and I think it must have been very itchy because she immediately started licking her leg and nibbling it like crazy. I let her do that for a little while, but then I noticed her skin was looking really red and irritated and she wouldn't leave it alone, so I had to lightly cover it with a small bandage and put her cone back on ( she hasn't had the cone on for a few weeks now!) I think what we'll have to do is slowly, day by day, increase the amount of time she doesn't wear a bandage cause maybe it freaked her out a little having it off finally.   

Stella back in June when it first happened

Leg in bandage before we took it off.

Stella's leg sans bandages.

Licking her leg like crazy!
You can see pretty well in the picture without her bandage, the length of her scar. That cut was the reason she has had it wrapped up for so long because it took sooooooooooooo long for that cut to close up and heal. Her leg was actually fractured and there was some ligament damage, but those healed up by a couple months ago. Anyways, YAY and Hooray that she is almost out of the woods with all this!

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